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Our programs

Staying true to our values ​​and with the help of experts, we have designed several programs to cover the broad needs of patients waiting for a transplant, those who have already received one or those who have any kind of kidney disease.

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Program 1

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Comprehensive care for the children and parents of JM de los Rios

We provide support in medical evaluations (exams and procedures), and in the distribution of medicine and basic supplies to the JM de los Ríos Hospital, specifically in the area of ​​nephrology, dialysis and organ transplantation.

icono Support in medical evaluations
icono Delivery of Supplies
icono Psychological care for children and parents
icono Catheter replacement

Program 2

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Medical supply program to hospitals in the region

Considering the lack of supplies and the difficulty of obtaining them, we focused our efforts on providing support to hospitals in the region, supplying medicine, medical equipment and essential items to patients in the area of ​​nephrology, dialysis and organ transplantation.

icono Delivery of medicine to patients
icono Support with medical supplies
icono Delivery of medical supplies and essential items

Program 3

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Patient information and support program

We provide support, information and guidance to patients regarding organ and tissue donation and transplantation, both in person or digitally.

icono Face-to-face care for patients
icono support through several channels
icono Waiting list updates (dialysis and transplants)
icono Information on prevention and treatment of kidney disease to patients

Program 4

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Educational Program about Donation and Organ Transplants

We have an educational area that covers the topic of “Organ Transplant and Tissue Donation” in schools, universities and public spaces. We also conduct recreational activities to create awareness, through community outreach programs at various universities in the metropolitan area.

icono Community service
icono In my school they talk about donation
icono Internships
icono Training of journalists in the subject

Program 5

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Programs in development

Looking to the future, we continue to develop long-term projects with greater scope at the national level, to achieve stability and reactivate the organ donation and transplant activity in the country.

icono Prevention of risk factors in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease in the pre-transplant stage ACKD
icono Strategic plan for the reactivation of organ donation and transplantation activity in Venezuela
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Our achievements


People served by medicine donations and medical supplies.

During 2020


Paraclinical examinations / diagnostic and surgical procedures and external medical consults.

During 2020


Transportation services for kidney patients on hemodialysis from and to the J.M. de los Ríos Hospital during quarantine in alliance with the Red Cross


Hemodialysis catheters donated nationwide.

During 2020


Units of milk and nutritional supplements / dry food and protein delivered to various health centers and shelters.

During 2020


Pieces of clothing and footwear, toys / educational material and personal hygiene supplies.

During 2020


Hours of work provided by 38 students of the community service program «Students for Donation & Transplant».

During 2020


Hours of remote learning for student training through a virtual classroom – at the UCV University with tools such as whatsapp learning.


People received attention, information and / or guidance.

During 2020


Social media posts, press releases and interviews in digital media.

During 2020


Alliances with national and international organizations and companies.

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Help us bring hope

“Helping is an innate action in the human being.” Help us continue our work, so we can keep being hope for life.

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Our Achievements in 2019

Our achievements during 2019, thanks to the commitment and great effort of the group of people that make up the team.

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We have provided support with hemodialysis catheters, medications, nutritional support, surgeries and medical supplies and more to the following states:

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